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Měkoučká deka Travel the World

Měkoučká deka Travel the World

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Máš pocit, že tvému domovu chybí poutavý a zároveň praktický designový prvek? Vyřeš tento problém pomocí měkké hedvábné deky na dotek, která je ideální pro lenošení na pohovce během chladných večerů.

- Materiál: 100% polyester
- Rozměry deky: (127 × 153 cm)
- Měkká hedvábná tkanina na dotek
- Potisk na jedné straně
- Bílá zadní strana
- Lze prát v pračce
- Hypoalergenní

Color: Orange
Size: 7 0 x 140 cm
Material: 80% microfiber, 20% polyamide
Brand: Towee
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Why Towee towels?

The towel is incredibly compact , it's the end of cracking suitcases and travel bags. Minimalism is in vogue now. Of course, there is a elastic loop for easier wrapping or hanging. And do you know that not even a grain of sand gets into the towel? The sand stays where it is, Functional towel can be used for sports, water, camping and home. And what is best about it? It has antibacterial properties , so it doesn't just stink in a swimming bag or gym.

One towel, multifunctional use

A companion for movement, travel and home. There are at least 99 ways to use the Towee folding towel. You can be inspired by our satisfied customers:

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