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Towee Booty Band textile resistance rubber Wild, set of 3 pcs

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In March we got the idea and now the textile resistance rubbers are in stock. With this effective fitness aid, you can work out in the gym, at home or on the outdoor playground. Our towee designs don't end with towels, but we can now boast about bedding and stylish Booty Bands in 3 resistive loads.

Color: Mix of colors
Size: 74 x 8 cm
Material: polyester, latex
Brand: Towee
Set: 3 pcs
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And what are the advantages of textile resistance rubber?

We see the biggest advantage in the strength of the material. Booty bands do not come from the game and do not cut, so the exercise is much more pleasant. They are ideal for hardening traditional exercises such as squats, so-called monster walks or hip bridges.

Video with Booty workout

The boot bands are wide enough and the inside is covered with latex, thanks to which the elastic rubber holds.

Set contains:

1x light resistance - color purple - tensile strength * - 10-15 kg

1x medium resistance - design paradise - tensile strength * - 15- 20 kg

1x strong resistance - color pink - tensile strength * - 20-25 kg

* Data is for guidance only.