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Love for water

Hi! My name is Anička and I started Towee's Story in 2016 with my first collection of design towels . Behind it all are my endless love for travel , nature and sports . From camping in the 90's with my family, to traveling with a caravan to vanlife far from home, my whole life draws me to the water. I started learning to surf and dream of my own brand of functional and original towels for every traveler and athlete who, like me, still has something planned .

miluju vodu

The best in their field

Before the first Towee collection was born, I consulted with vendors, designers, and other professionals for several months. I looked for material at the biggest textile trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany . Original towel designs were created by designers Martina Luňáková , Ondřej Marek and Jarda Bortlík . For the first time ever, I introduced Towee at Just Ride wakeboard events hosted by friends from magazine .


Two heads are better than one

After the success of the first collection, designer and graphic artist Adéla Strnadová joined Towee. Working together, we soon managed to introduce not only new towel designs , but also a new product to the team. We started producing Towee Surf Ponchos - a practical addition to water sports, but also for warming up for long winter evenings. Then we further expanded our portfolio during the global pandemic. We began to focus on practical Booty Bands fitness aids to support the physical health not only of our customers but also ourselves.

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Towee and partners

The crucial moment for Towee is always a connection to a partner . Since 2017, we have collaborated and implemented our own designs for Sportvisio , Gladiator Race , , Bodybescrub , HPi , Big Shock Racing , France Car , JETSURF Academy , Playground , Decom System , Kasper Swix team , or Akademii Sampion .

Customer always first

To move on in the Towee, improve our products , and bring new , we’re constantly collecting and < strong> sharing information and draw inspiration . A lot has changed since 2016. But three things remained the same. For me and the team, the first is quality , originality and customer satisfaction who returns to Towee.

And how do you pronounce Towee? After all, "to-we" - towels you enjoy .

Your Anicka

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